How to format


How to format K800i, i already tried to 'Master Reset" the phone , But still 'Operation Failed' when i open the GAMES and APPLICATION Folders, is it mean the phone should be formatted and reprogrammed, where and how can i get the program if this is the case.

  1. Why don't you try "Sony Ericsson Update Service"you can visit and see the Requirements and how to use it if you don't know in the official site:
  2. Although this is not a solution, I now know the cause of our problem.After a bit of further investigation, I found that this is a hardware problem mostly caused by water damage.a small connection lint corrodes or burns through. This can happen some time after the actual exposure to moisture at which point the phone will start with this problem. It seems as if this is a very common problem with the K800i.I hope this helps all you frustrated K800i owners out there.