Sony Ericsson W200I Play Back Problem


When i try and play a song it says: "playback failed". What is the solution to solve this problem in W200I mobile

  1. Format the Memory Card using the "Quick Format" option and then re-upload the songs. It worked for me.The sound reception is perfect and has not given a "Playback Failed error" since then.
    Just remember to back-up your existing data like photos and videos before formatting the card.
  2. seems it cant find the file...
    in walkman press back key and then scroll dwn to Tracks...
    if ur file is listed here then play it frm here... if it isnt in Tracks list, u'll need to upload the file frm pc 2 mobile again...
  3. ya format the card n while copying the files let the attributes be in archive..dont selct read only and hidden.