Puk code for a nokia 6300


puk code for a nokia 6300


  • Get a new simcard
  • best way is to go to one of the east-indian cell phone technician and he will do it for less than $20.00, I bet ya
  • Every PUK code is unique so nobody can tell you your PUK number, but i will tell you what you can do!
    1) If you still have your packet that your Sim Card came in, you should find your PUK number in there, if you don't have the packet, please read bellow.

    2) You must get a phone that is on the same network as your phone and call the networks Customer Care and ask them for your PUK number, they will ask you for your phone number, then they will tell you your PUK number. Once you have done this, you will be able to reset your Pin number so you will be able to go into your phone again.