Not able to send message


I am not able to send message from my nokia 6600. I get the report as message sending failed & unable to send text message.

  1. First you haved to format your unit and your memory card,by formatting your unit pls follow this simple step,press # *7370# you have to enter your 5 digit security code the default code is 12345. by following this procedure will solve all your problem,especially is WD2 series .hope it will help........
  2. if you are unable to send the sms from your hanset you need to check some of the settings on your handset like.messgae center no..,and you will get this no form your service provider ...after refreshing the no you would be able to use your msg service
  3. you can try gormatting your phone to clear off all the do this you must press the star button, call button, three,and the power button all at the same time while powering up your phone, a formatting should appear and then wait until it finishes then try sending again
  4. Check you phones settings according to the settings given to you by your provider. Give them a call to verify everything is in order.