Nokia 6600 multimedia problem


when i open gallery, it hangs, bluetooth not working. making and receiving calls efficiently. wen open camera it dont store snaps , msg comes temporarly overloaded

  1. have the bluetooth changed by a cellphone technician but it will cost you
  2. try o close all opened application on your phone! maybe some large application are open! try hold press the MENU key! then the open apps will be seen in the left side of your phone!
  3. ur memory in handset is going to over and number of application r loaded in it....remove that one and restore ur handset and try........issue with bluetooth of ur handset might arise...
  4. The Problem is due to the handsets four IC (4 IC arranged it L shape) module which are not properly connected to handset board. A temp solution to open the handset and place some support on the top of IC's. So that their points are touch to the board.

    This problem offen arraised on new Nokia 6600 handset since their IC's are connected to board by liquid Solder.
  5. u have to change ur B.T module to fix this prodlem