Lock code forget


i forgot my mobile lock code.i could not get my imei too .its in home.....diary. how to solve this. help me please.

  1. u do no that ur network provider wont no this becos u put this on there is sum softwere u can by of ebay load it into ur computer t will decode ur fone and shud set them to 0000 just keep tryin 4 now
  2. You may take you mobile to your retailer workshop, it need to be fully formated 'n' its not expansive service, to find your imei remove backcover+ battery you will find a barcode 'n' thats your imei.
  3. do you mean ur PIN lock code when you start up your phone...if so just enter it in wrong 3 times and it will ask you for your PUK then ring up your service provider and they will give you your PUK number